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Do you organise an event? Do you need a sponsor?


Are you looking for a company to sponsor your event or group of friends? SMEs, freelancers, startups or foundationsContact us!

The Zapiplay team is grateful for the talented entrepreneurs who are our clients. Together, they have helped put us at the forefront of marketing and design in the UK and Spain.

In these strange times, we are looking for ways to help support SMEs. With this in mind, we want to make sure we do our bit to sponsor more events (whether in person or virtual).

What kind of sponsorship?

We are open to ideas. It could be relatively small, like paying for pizza at your local Meetup group.

Or perhaps your members would like to get their hands on a goodie bag? Or it could be something bigger and more formal like sponsoring a conference - we would also consider entirely virtual events like a YouTube channel or Slack group!

We want to remain in our niche: so anything that has to do with SMEs, freelancers, start-ups or foundations general would be the kind of events we are looking for.

Whether you are an established group with hundreds of attendees or just a dozen people with similar interests meeting for the first time, contact us.

If you can think of a way we can sponsor your group, meeting, event or conference, please email us at .


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