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What is back up and what is it for?


The back up are nothing more and nothing less than backups. A file in which data is copied from another file so that in case you lose or delete the original, you can recover the information.

All types of files can be backed up: office documents (Word, Excel, PowerPoint...) as well as programmes.

The reasons why you may need to back up your files is simply that they get deleted. If you only have the files in one place and you get a virus that causes those files to be deleted or rendered unusable, then you will lose the information that was in them.

What backups of your files are for

File backups therefore serve several purposes:

  •  In case the original files are deleted: either by physical accident (fire, flood...), or by technical problems (your computer stops working and the entire hard disk is erased).
  • If you are moving to another computer and want to quickly copy everything you had on the old one. In that case, just restore the backup on the new one and that's it.
  • So you can download them to other computers, in case you need to access them from other devices.
  • For security, as you never know what might happen.
  • You need to protect the integrity of your data.

What kind of files should be backed up?

Maybe you think that the most important thing to do is to back up all the files you have. But the truth is that many times our computers are disaster drawers and if we do that we would be paying for a space that we are wasting.

The truth is that it is very important to make the most of the space and only back up what is relevant.

At Zapiplay we always make backups of all our clients' websites. The ideal is to always make copies in the cloud and that the copies are regular and automated, so you will not have to take so many risks. Don't risk losing your business information.

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