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Many consumers will not even consider transacting with a company that does not have a strong online presence to go with its physical shop. A website must serve as the backbone of a company in today's modern marketing world.

If your pharmacy does not have a proper online presence, it may in fact be losing sales through its physical shop.

Many business owners think that a website or online shop is just another channel to make money. Don't think of it that way, consider it much more integrated into the buying habits of your customers.

These are the four main reasons why your pharmacy needs a website.

  1. Already expected

Many consumers will already assume that you have an online presence and will use search engines such as Google to check your location, opening hours and product range.

Without a website, this information will come from third parties, over which you have no control. This means that your customer could receive incorrect information or even be directed to your competitors. Your website acts as an online catalogue, advertising and information centre.

  1. Always accessible

It is increasingly important for shoppers to be able to shop anytime, anywhere and on any device they choose, as convenience becomes a top priority.

And for pharmacies, online accessibility is more than just a convenience when it comes to elderly and disabled customers. Being able to browse in their own time and receive products are just two of the benefits for this group.

  1. Introduces you to a wider market

80% of consumers search for products and services online before making a purchase at a physical location. Your website is another tool to attract shoppers to the shop.

In 2000, the Pharmaceutical Journal identified four main groups of online pharmacy shoppers: busy executives, stay-at-home mothers, the elderly or disabled, and those who shop shamefully.

Since then, the world of e-commerce has changed dramatically. 71 % of shoppers are women, and the main searches are painkillers, health supplements and skin care.

  1. Easier than you think

With our network of suppliers, pharmacies can get a functional website as we work hand in hand with a great team of professionals, who will be present throughout the process to deliver the best result and above all at the best price.

Having a website can make your business have many sales, we also have marketing plans and unlimited design so that your online presence is exponential.

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