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Instagram design: the importance of creating a quality feed


Your Instagram design is the key to your brand's success. It is your company's digital mood board and showroom and is extremely important to the success of your line. It's a great tool to reach your target audience, convey your brand message and mission, build relationships and communicate your aesthetic. Good Instagram design is key to helping you gain followers, get noticed and get sales. And increasing followers creates more opportunities to promote your brand with different platforms and companies.

At Zapiplay there are different plans that adapt to the client's needs, working as a team to achieve each of our client's branding objectives.

Your Instagram design should be focused on narrative and telling a story, and selecting a good feed can be harder than you think. We've been able to help many of our clients create a quality feed through our three services; Our Instagram Starter Pack, Instagram Growth Pack and Instagram Smart Class, and today I'm going to share why good Instagram design will set you on the path to success.

Good Instagram design will help you gain followers

The time you have to capture someone's attention is short. People don't want to follow confusing feeds, they want to see material that is engaging and interesting. You should be able to reach your specific target audience within two seconds of them seeing your feed.

Good Instagram design will help you get engagement and build your audience.

A beautiful feed along with the right captions will create comments and good engagement with your audience. Your feed should be 80% of information and 20% of promotion, so don't use your feed as one big advert. People will feel engaged when they interact with you one-on-one, which in turn means they are more likely to trust you and engage with you. This builds brand loyalty.

Good Instagram design will help you get noticed

A good, consistent, branded feed shows that you are thoughtful, creative and have a good eye. I always say, if you can't design a nice, cohesive website or Instagram layout, then your clothing line probably isn't very nice and cohesive either. If you're creative in one area, that creativity usually carries over to all areas. Your feed is a reflection of your brand, so buyers and press are more likely to take you seriously with good design. Shoppers look for attention-grabbing labels because they know that loyalty will translate into sales in your shops.

Good Instagram design sets the tone and the mood

This is where you can showcase your brand and the mood you want to communicate. Colour palettes and filters offer visual consistency, which is important when conveying your aesthetic. Here are 3 brands we create perfectly selected feeds for:

As you can see, having a quality Instagram feed is very important. At the end of the day, it could make or break whether a buyer picks up your line, if you get any press or worse, any sales. If you are ready to take your feed to the next level we recommend you contact a professional, in this case you can check out the different unlimited design plans we offer. For those who prefer to delegate this task so they can concentrate more on the line itself, we have our super affordable unlimited content marketing and design service.

If you still don't have the right planning for your instagram feed, we can help you! Check out our unlimited design and marketing plans.

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